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Research. Plan. Analyze. Optimize.

Value Media Reports are trusted by agencies, used by networks, relied on by brands.

Choose a Plan That Best Suites You

  • Comparative Analysis

    Every month
    • Identify how 1 product's airing schedule compares to another
    • Compare this month vs last month or this year vs last year
    • What is your share of voice relative to competition/category
    • Learn which media lengths are clearing
    • Which networks are most commonly used by category
  • Competitive Tracking

    Every month
    • Identify New Spot and New Show campaigns each week
    • Compare Spot and Show Airing Daypart & Day Breakdowns by
    • Find out who and where your competition is in your Category
    • See how campaigns change their spend, frequency, or reach
    • Analyze brands shifting where they advertise
  • Industry Trends

    Every month
    • Identify trends across over 120 Product Categories
    • Identify trends across more than 110 TV Networks
    • Measure Quarter-Over-Quarter or Year-Over-Year comparisons
    • See where and how brands use various Media Types & Lengths
    • Determine "Share-of-Voice" for your Campaign and competitors
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