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SHARP Inferter Air Conditioner Project Overview: Reinforcing Quality Leadership


For seven consecutive years, SHARP has epitomized leadership in the AC market. However, in Ramadan 2017, sourcing challenges emerged, impeding SHARP's capacity to meet market demands during peak season. Consequently, other competitors capitalized on this opportunity, expanding their market share. Meanwhile, ELARABY's maintenance-focused campaign during the same period inadvertently intensified SHARP's vulnerability, amplifying claims of maintenance issues. This unprecedented wave of digital commentary challenged SHARP's quality-oriented brand positioning.



Solidifying SHARP's supremacy as a market leader synonymous with Japanese technology-driven quality.

The campaign's impact should evoke sentiments such as:

  • التكييف يعنى شارب

  • شارب هيفضل دايما رقم واحد

  • شارب دايما خارج اى منافسة

  • Sharp is unequivocally a hallmark of quality.


The Journey:

  • Encompassing a 30-second TV commercial, a thematic copy amplifying SHARP's brand essence, and a BTL campaign aligned with the overarching theme.

  •  BTL campaign related to the theme 

  • Outdoor promotional elements were also strategically integrated.

6- Oct
Sharp 5 AC 76 X 125-01
Sharp 2 AC 76 X 125-01
Sharp 3 AC 76 X 125-01
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