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TORNADO Home Appliances 


Redefining Home Living: TORNADO, a proprietary brand under ELARABY’s umbrella, boasts an expansive portfolio encompassing home appliances, lighting, personal care products, and small home essentials. Over the past three years, TORNADO initiated a resounding brand awareness campaign that achieved unprecedented success, propelling it toward its defined objectives. In this new chapter, TORNADO sets its sights on elevating portfolio awareness and introducing its new range of home products.



Our objectives revolved around illuminating the complete product range while heralding the arrival of Personal Care products and Twin-Tub Washing Machines. 


The Deliverables

  • TORNADO's compelling narrative found its home on television screens through engaging TV copies and a robust media campaign.

  • Additionally, the Ramadan program, "TORNADO Kitchen," spanning 30 episodes, promised a culinary journey like no other.

Ahmed & Ola
TORNADO Home Appliances 2
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